A Practical Guide to Data Structures and Algorithms Using Java

Sally A. Goldman and Kenneth J. Goldman
Washington University in St. Louis

Online Resources

Updates to the book:
Errata - corrections within the text
Patches - replacement source code files

instructor's guide - a pdf containing a subset of these resources to support instructors and students.
sample syllabus - sample syllabus for an introductory data structures and algorithms course
course material - web pages and resources for students and instructors
lectures/notes - recorded lectures (as avi files) and the completed lecture notes (as pdf files).
compressed lectures/notes - recorded lectures in compressed form (as XVid-MP3).
projects - sample implementation exercises of varying length and difficulty
homework problems - an organized repository of homework exercises
sample exams - sample midterm and final exams

Solutions to selected projects, homework, and exams are available to qualifying instructors from the book publisher.